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  • UPGRADED MODULARITY - revised the interlocking style to connect up to 6 fans in two clusters to a single controller port, making cable management simpler
  • EXTENSION CABLE - With the new 18 cm extension cable, the ability to bridge two clusters of fans to create a 3+3 daisy-chained cluster is offered.
  • PLUG-IN POWER CABLE MODULE - The cable module is designed to plug in and sit flush with the fan frame, which doesn't require extra space for the module and reduces clearance issues with radiator fittings.
  • REMOVEABLE KEY - The interlocking keys on each fan are removable to improve compatibility with radiator fittings.
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - Thanks to a slight increase to a 28mm thick frame, the SL120 V2 features a 10% airflow optimization compared to the SL120 V1, which creates a great balance of airflow and static pressure.
  • SIMPLE CONNECTION WITH CONTROLLER - The all-new cable module and UNI HUB controller simplifies cable management and provides efficient power to the fans.

Lian Li UNI FAN SL120 V2 (3 Pack)

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