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  • INCREASED CUSTOMIZATION: A more powerful microcontroller allows for more immersive customization such as audio visualizers and the ability to relay
  • CAM information with particle density animations.
  • TWICE AS BRIGHT: A bright 2.36" wide angle LCD screen supports custom images along with animated GIFs and features a crystal clear 640x640 display resolution, double that of previous generations.
  • STAY COOL: Luminously quiet F Series RGB Core fans give a vibrant feel to your
  • gaming setup with the 8 individually addressable RGB LEDs on each fan. The 7th gen Asetek pump ensures your Kraken Elite cools optimally with 2800 RPM operation.
  • SIMPLE INSTALL: Setup is made simple with a single breakout cable that takes the guesswork out of the installation process
  • NZXT CAM-READY: Personalize screen content with custom images, GIFs, or performance info with user-friendly NZXT CAM software. You can also control fan and pump speeds and run at 0 RPM mode at low temperatures to eliminate fan noise.

NZXT Kraken Elite RGB 360mm

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